Who We Are

Aujan Group Holding ( AGH ) is a diversified holding company, active in a wide-range of industries, including FMCG, Hospitality & Real Estate, Packaging Materials, Natural Resources and Financial Investments. A family business with a history dating back over a hundred years and a deep-rooted pioneering spirit, AGH has successfully leveraged its brand building and market development skills along with proven industry experience to drive sustainable profitable growth within the Middle East and Africa regions.

All of AGH’s activities are focused on capitalising on the potential of the Middle East and Africa region’s rapid economic growth. AGH invests and partners with a number of world class companies in order to build capabilities and generate stable returns on investment.

Wherever it operates, AGH is an active participant in each location, adding value though managerial capabilities and local knowledge, as well as taking significant care to consider the community, people and the surrounding environment through socially responsible initiatives. AGH is proud of its past and passionate about the future.